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Design points of advertising gifts

 Gift packaging takes "sentiment" as its appeal point, "communication" as the purpose of the design institute, and integrates product content and design to enhance the taste of "li". As far as its culture is concerned, gift packaging can be embodied from two aspects: one is that the design of gift packaging should highlight the characteristics of national culture and the characteristics of the times; the other is that gift packaging design uses natural materials to convey the "strong , Simple" affection and "natural and harmonious" cultural connotation.

Gifts, as gifts, not only express the dignity of the giftee, but also reflect the identity of the gifter. Therefore, gift packaging should pay attention to the form and material of the packaging. Modern packaging materials have developed from natural materials in the past to synthetic materials, from single materials to composite materials, greatly enriching the choice of packaging materials. There are many types of gift wrapping materials. One of the most widely used is paper. There are only general decorative gift wrapping paper materials: coated paper (printed wrapping paper), aluminum foil paper, cotton paper, crepe paper, Yunlong paper, transparent paper, art paper, Dandy paper, Sika paper, two-color cardboard, pvc Packaging bags, etc., various paper materials have different textures, elasticity, softness, toughness and waterproof characteristics. Of course, many gift packaging also like to choose other materials, such as metal materials, because it is crisp, shiny, with a sense of preciousness like gold and silver, and is conducive to processing and printing, and is also conducive to repeated use and is widely used in gifts. On the packaging.

Among packaging materials, how to choose suitable materials to reflect the high-end gift packaging is very important. High-grade materials may not necessarily reflect the high-end nature of gifts. It depends on whether they are used properly, otherwise they will become tacky; on the contrary, low-grade materials may not necessarily not reflect the high-end nature of gifts. It will have a sense of luxury. Different gifts should choose suitable materials in order to make the best use of gift packaging.

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